We received congratulatory messages !

Japan Society for Design Engineering
Waseda University
President and Professor Jun Tomioka

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to your company for its 70th anniversary.

JSDE was established in 1966 as a private organization named Japan Society for Research of Design and Drafting. In 1970, our society was renamed Japan Society of Design and Drafting and was accredited as corporate aggregate by the Minister of Education in 1978. I heard that when the society was first established, it was initially a gathering of people who taught design drawings in universities and technical colleges. The tool of trade of these teachers is a drafter, which is the beginning of the relationship between us and your company.

Since then, your company has expanded to new fields, such as inkjet printers, CAD scanners, 3D printers, and other equipment, while our society has also increased our research targets to human engineering, industrial design, systems engineering, CAD/CAM, and other fields. However, the drafter still forms the foundation of our relationship.

I enrolled in Waseda University more than 40 years ago and the first time I entered the drawing room for a class, I was impressed when I saw about 200 drafters in the room. That sense of awe was the reason why I became a professor who teaches drafting at Waseda University. Of course, we also use CAD now, in addition to drafters, but seeing students use drafters gives me the greatest joy.

I wish your company many years of success ahead and I hope that we will be able to grow together in the future.

Satsuma Co., Ltd.

We would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to your company on the auspicious celebration of your 70th anniversary.

Your earnest hard work over the last 70 years has brought about the company’s prosperity today and is a testament to your steady management and untiring efforts.
Our companies began working with one another 20 years ago, which seemed like it was only yesterday.
I still remember our first inkjet fondly, which was a 1,370-milimeter-wide Lamiless. From Lamiless Grande to ValueJet since then, we are grateful to your staff at the Suwa Plant for constantly providing excellent sales and maintenance services that best match our needs.

We wish you greater success going forward, and hope to continue doing business with your company for many years to come.


I would like to congratulate MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. on the 70th anniversary of its establishment.

I would like to thank all MUTOH staff for providing us with sales support and advice all these years, especially for our business related to wide format inkjet printers.

1,065 companies will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2022. There are over 4 million Japanese companies. We are also aiming to become a 100-year-old company, but I believe that it was truly a feat to make it to 70. Looking back to 70 years ago in the 1950s, television was becoming popular then, which was a great change from the radio, and in the food industry, instant noodles had just been invented. The Japanese economy was booming. However, the country was then hit with the economic bubble collapse, the financial crisis of 2007–2008, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the recent novel coronavirus, among others. Being able to overcome such disasters and crises is evidence of a company’s business dedication and flexible mindset, and most importantly, that a company has earned the trust of its customers.

We will also push ourselves to grow every day so that we can nurture talented personnel like MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. We pray for your good health and prosperity. Once again, congratulations.

Komura CorporationCEO Taisuke Komura

Congratulations on reaching this auspicious milestone of 70th anniversary.

70 years ago, your company was one of the first to take on the development and manufacturing of design and drafting machines, establishing your position in the market with your high technical capabilities and untiring efforts. Since then, you have grown to become an invaluable company in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Our companies became partners when my grandfather, who founded Komura Corporation, helped MUTOH manufacture the frame of its drafters (drawing tables) approximately 60 years ago. MUTOH’s drafters became extremely popular during Japan’s high economic growth period. It is not an exaggeration to say that MUTOH supported all kinds of Japanese manufacturing at the time, as evidenced by the registration of MH-I, which was MUTOH’s first drafter, in the Mechanical Engineering Heritage. It is an honor and privilege to grow along with you and assist you in the manufacturing of your company's drafting machines.

MUTOH has responded and adapted flexibly and swiftly to the changes of the times thus far. Going forward, I am certain that you will continue to make history and we will strive to support you in your endeavors.

Congratulations on your 70th anniversary and we wish everyone at MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and relevant parties great success ahead!

Toray Advanced Computer Solution, Inc.CEO Kouichirou Ikeda

Congratulations on your 70th anniversary. The partnership of our companies can be traced back to the apparel computer system room when we were still Toray Industries, Inc. in the 1980s. For the next 30 years, our companies have worked together to use computers and machines for making patterns, marking, cutting, and so on for the apparel industry. Our sewing pattern data created using our company’s CAD products, such as CREACOMPO® II, was made into actual sewing patterns using MUTOH's cutting plotters. This collaboration received high praises from our customers in the apparel industry in Japan and other countries. I am deeply grateful for our partnership.

The apparel industry in Japan is facing serious issues, such as declining birth rates, consumer recession, and SDGs, and requires more efficient design and production and faster work processes. VC-A1000 and other products are well received by our customers, and we hope to see more revolutionary products from your company that utilize your technical and development capabilities. We look forward to working with you and contribute to further growth in the apparel industry in the future.

Katayanagi Institute
Nihon Kogakuin College
Nihon Kogakuin College, Hachioji Campus
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Principal Shigeru Chiba

I would like to congratulate your company on its 70th anniversary.

Since your establishment, your company has maintained the corporate philosophy of providing the most suitable proposals and highest value for customers and unyieldingly pursued Japanese quality and monozukuri, as shown in the registration of the first design and drafting machine “Drafter” in the Mechanical Engineering Heritage. From CAD systems and pen plotters to inkjet printers and 3D printers, MUTOH has created products in accordance with the times and users’ feedbacks to constantly deliver the optimal and highest value. Their steadfast approach has become part of their DNA. The quality and reliability of MUTOH's products are the main reasons why the company has been, and still remain, the customer’s choice these past 70 years.

Under the principle of “the ideal environment provides the ideal education,” the pillars of education for our institute are making, manufacturing, and creating items, objects, places, health care, and so on, and we train young people who will make the best possible use of MUTOH's products and lead the next generation. Going forward, it is essential to manifest and express creativity in monozukuri education and personnel training, and I believe that your company's products and presence will become even more indispensable.

In 2010, MUTOH and our institute began organizing contests for high school students. We would like to express our gratitude for your understanding and great support for the contests and education on monozukuri and in our technical colleges. Let’s continue working together to nurture future talents.

Congratulations once again, and we wish MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. great success ahead!

Fellers Inc.CEO Tom Brophy

Tom Brophy is the CEO of Fellers Inc., the World’s Largest Wrap Supply Company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tom has over 30 years of experience in the sign and graphics industry. I have worked in every department over the years and have a good understanding of the business as a whole. I have always been fascinated with the sign industry. Tom holds a double major from the University of Tulsa, marketing and accounting.

Mutoh has been an integral part of Fellers success of the years and simply represents the best value for our customers when it comes to solvent based printers.

Mutoh continues to win numerous “Product of the Year” awards through continued innovation of their products.

The reliability is outstanding when compared to the competition and its not uncommon to see Mutoh equipment in service for years and years without flaw when maintained properly.

Once the customer’s experience a Mutoh they keep coming back for more. Fellers is proud to celebrate Mutoh’s 70th Anniversary and looks forward to the coming years of continued innovation and growth! HAPPY 70th Mutoh.

Atrium Centrum PloteroweCEO Maciej Juchkiewicz

Maciej Juchkiewicz, founder and CEO of Atrium Centrum Ploterowe established in 1993, provider of complete solutions for the large format industry. Creator of Ikonos large format media.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to MUTOH Industries Ltd. on the occasion of their 70th anniversary. I have had the honour and privilege to cooperate with Mutoh since 1994. I have always immensely appreciated the professional and personal relationships that I have developed with all the people within the Mutoh community, many of whom became not only my associates but also my friends. Together, we have strived to provide the best possible products and services in a class of their own. The quality of the Mutoh products and the standards of conduct have always been of the highest rank. More and more generations of professional print providers and sign makers have relied on the quality, precision and longevity of Mutoh’s large-format inkjet printers and cutters. Their products have rightfully become mainstays for many applications. At Mutoh they just know how to bring colours to life, make them pop out, as if effortlessly, when in reality there are years of expertise, exquisite craftsmanship and experience behind each and every product they introduce to the market. I wish that Mutoh continues to lead the way in digitial printing solutions and innovative technologies for many, many years to come! I shall stand at their side.

Reis ElettronicaCEO Giulio Guillaume

Enterpreneur, kick-off in 1978 founding Reis Elettronica, a sales company in Turin focused on electronic instruments as core business. Some years later, in 1982, a more structured Sales & Support activity throughout Italy. Today shareholder and CEO in multiple sales companies.

It was 1991 when, on the occasion of a European CAD market exhibition, I was amazed in front of a professional pen/pencil plotter. It was a fast, silent and extremely accurate Mutoh XP-500 with very robust cosmetics. I must say it was love at first sight ! Thus I began to court Mutoh until signing a national distribution agreement in 1992. From this year my own company Reis Elettronica started to import and sell these machines throughout Italy. In the long run, Reis always promoted the Mutoh brand which became the true heart of the overall business. CAD solutions, then the first water-based graphic printers followed by solvent-based outdoor printing machines and, at a later stage, more advanced UV solutions and a complete range of sublimation / direct-to-garment. Today, the Mutoh portfolio embraces four main categories: Sign & Display, Specialty / Industrial, Indoor / Transfer and Direct Textile. Consistency, quality and reliability are their common denominator and the crucial key to keep successful in a more and more demanding and challenging market. A big thank you to Mutoh Japan for the non-stop research and development and for being with us on the wave of digital printing.

Happy 70th birthday, Mutoh!

Total Image Supplies Pty Ltd.Director Tyson Buechler

Tyson Buechler is the Director of Total Image Supplies Pty Ltd, located in Melbourne, Australia. The business was founded by Tyson 13 years ago and has seen rapid growth thanks to his ability to identify and pivot to meet gaps in the market.

When the opportunity to partner with Mutoh presented itself, I was quickly able to recognise the value of their products offered to customers, affordable prices, great quality and a range that has something to meet every business need.

We’ve seen customers purchase their first Mutoh printer and then quickly return to add their second and third printers. We are delighted to champion the Mutoh brand and celebrate their 70th Anniversary. We are looking forward to a long partnership and reaching our goal to master the Mutoh.