Thank you for 70th Anniversary of MUTOH GROUP

Thank you for 70th Anniversary of MUTOH GROUP


Celebrating the company's 70th anniversary

President Yasuhiko Isobe

Our company celebrated its 70th anniversary in March this year. It has been 80 years since our founder, Yoshiro Mutoh, established the Mutoh Scale Engraving Research Center, and we would like to thank our stakeholders for their support throughout the years.

We continue to face a difficult business environment due to soaring material prices and procurement difficulties caused by the new coronavirus and the situation in Ukraine, as well as logistics disruptions, but all of us will continue to work hard to overcome these hardships.

We will flexibly respond to customer needs and changes in the environment, provide "peace of mind," "reliability," and "excitement," and continue to create new value as we move toward our 100th year of business.

About the anniversary logo

70th anniversary logo


It represents the idea that the company will continue to provide printers that make bright and colorful expressions possible.
It is designed based on the four basic ink colors of CMYK, which symbolizes MUTOH’s legacy of supporting monozukuri (excellence in manufacturing).
The color scheme represents flexibility, diversity, and liveliness.


It represents the strong mechanical driving system of printers and drafters.