MUTOH’s History

“Supporting MONOZUKURI (Excellence in Manufacturing)”

MUTOH was founded in December 1942 by Yoshiro Mutoh, who founded the Mutoh Scale Engraving Research Center (in Mishuku, Setagaya ward),
which is close to the current headquarters in Ikejiri, Setagaya ward.

Before and during the war, the company manufactured measuring equipment, such as disk-type slide rules for aerial navigation, calipers, and rotary protractors.
These products reflected the high technical capabilities required to engrave scales accurately and marked the beginning of the company’s spirit of supporting MONOZUKURI (Excellence in Manufacturing).

10 years later in March 1952, MUTOH Memori Chokoku (MUTOH Scale Engraving) LTD was founded.
While maintaining the company spirit of foundation, we created products such as the Drafter,
a drafting and design equipment that was registered in the Mechanical Engineering Heritage,
and Pen Plotter, a machine that prints product drawings.

MUTOH has continued to uphold the spirit by supporting many people involved in various aspects of MONOZUKURI, such as creators and designers with our LFP products, and the manufacturing and construction industries with our design and measuring equipments and 3DP products.

In order to continue to build on MUTOH's history, each and every one of us will continue to earn the trust of our customers and provide them with valuable proposals. We will continue to be a company that "enhances the creation of people and companies" by inheriting the founding spirit (DNA) of "supporting MONOZUKURI" through each and every one of our employees to build MUTOH's history.


Company history

Product history


December 1942Establishes the MUTOH Scale Engraving Research Center.
Manufactures measuring equipment, such as disk-type slide rules for aerial navigation, calipers, and rotary protractors.


March 1952Establishes MUTOH Memori Chokoku (MUTOH Scale Engraving) LTD.
April 1959Changes the company name to MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.

April 1953Releases Drafter MH-1, Japan's first arm-type (belt/pulley type) design and drafting machine.


April 1967Establishes CONSUL & MUTOH, LTD. (current Mutoh America, Inc.), a joint corporation in the U.S.

June 1967Establishes the Chigasaki Factory in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (changes the name to Shonan Office in June 1993)

December 1968Establishes an affiliated company, Fujitake Hamamatsu Co., Ltd., in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
January 1969Establishes an affiliated company, Fujitake Kanazawa Co., Ltd., in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
May 1961Releases Micro Plotter, a super-precision graphical input and drafting machine.

May 1962Releases Numericon (model of current plotters), an automatic drafting machine.

June 1967Releases Drafter, Japan's first rail-type design and drafting machine.


April 1971Establishes Mutoh Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., in Switzerland.

July 1973Obtains and establishes the Suwa Factory from Yashica Corporation (current Kyocera Corporation) in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture.

February 1975Transfers the entire manufacturing division for Drafter, a design and drafting machine, to the Suwa Factory.
September 1977Establishes Orange Cat Co., Ltd. (Sales of books, and sports and recreational items).

September 1977Establishes Mutoh Enterprises Ltd. (sales of sports accessories)

July 1971Releases Drafter, the world's first dial-type angle reader design and drafting machine.

February 1976Releases Drafter, the world's first digital-type angle reader design and drafting machine.

October 1979Releases Digicolor, an optical measuring equipment.


September 1982Establishes a Technical Center at the Chigasaki Factory (official entry into the CAD business)
June 1983Joins the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
March 1984Establishes Technova Inc. in Sapporo City, Hokkaido (software development).
March 1985Joins the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
July 1985Establishes Mutoh America, Inc. in Chicago, U.S. (Closes the joint corporation CONSUL & MUTOH, LTD.)
October 1985Establishes Menic Co., Ltd. (current Mutoh Engineering Inc) in Samukawa, Kanagawa Prefecture (maintenance of CAD and peripherals).
March 1987Establishes MUTOH EUROPE nv (current Mutoh Deutschland GmbH) in Germany. (Closes Mutoh Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., in Switzerland.)
November 1980Releases Paraliner UP, a parallel ruler.

October 1981Releases 2D CAD EasyDraf2 (sales tie-up with Bruning in the U.S.)

May 1983Releases the ES Series Electrostatic Plotters.

November 1983Releases the ET Series Lettering Machines.

June 1984Releases iP-100, a flatbed-type personal pen plotter.

April 1985Releases F-600 and F-900 pen plotters.

October 1985Releases M-Draf16, a 2D CAD.

May 1988Releases AP-1518, a dedicated CAD plotter for apparel.


January 1990Acquires 85% of the shares of KURTA Company (an input device manufacturer in the U.S.)

May 1990Completes the new office building for the headquarters in Setagaya City, Tokyo (current MUTOH Ikejiri Building).

September 1990Establishes MUTOH BELGIUM nv in Ostend, Belgium.

May 1991Opens the Yokohama Technology Center in Ofuna, Kanagawa Prefecture.

November 1991Completes the new office building for Mutoh America, Inc. in Chicago, U.S.

May 1992Completes the Belgium Factory for MUTOH BELGIUM nv.
July 1992Establishes Mutoh Techno Service Co., Ltd. (CAD maintenance and training services)
July 1992Establishes Suwa Mutoh Industries Ltd. in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture (manufacturing of drafters and pen plotters).
June 1993Completes the Shonan Office (old Chigasaki Factory).
August 1994Closes the Yokohama Technology Center (merges with the Shonan Office).
January 1995Acquires 100% shares of Carter Company.
April 1995Carter Company in the U.S. acquires and merges with Mutoh America, Inc. (Changes the company name to Mutoh America, Inc.) Relocates from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona.)
January 1996Establishes the Mutoh Digital Design Factory at the headquarters (showroom for graphic design input/output services).
June 1996Establishes Digital Matrix Inc as an affiliated company under the intrapreneurship framework in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture (Internet business).
March 1997Sells the Shonan Office, and transfers the manufacturing and development divisions to Suwa Factory.
July 1999Establishes business and capital tie-up with Tokyo Computer Service Co., Ltd.
September 1999Sells Hokuriku Mutoh Co., Ltd. (old Fujitake Kanazawa Co., Ltd.). Liquidates Fujitake Hamamatsu Co., Ltd.

October 1999Obtains ISO 9001 certification.

October 1990Releases the PH Series Dedicated Plotters for Engineering and Measurements.

January 1991Releases XP-600 Series Pen Plotters.

May 1991Releases RJ-501 Large Color Inkjet Plotter.

October 1991Releases XP-500 and XP-700 Series Pen Plotters.

November 1992Releases AC-500, a cutting plotter for apparel.

June 1994Releases XP-900 and XP-800 Series Pencil Plotters.

April 1995Releases FALCON RJ-600 Series Monochrome Inkjet Plotters for CAD.

December 1995Releases RJ-1300 Wide Format Color Inkjet Printer for the indoor/outdoor advertising industry.

August 1997Releases FALCON Color RJ-800 Series Full Color Inkjet Plotters for CAD.

November 1997Releases AC-800, a cutting plotter for apparel.

February 1998Releases FALCON GRAPHICS RJ-4000 Series Wide Format Inkjet Printers.

June 1999Releases LAMILESS, a wide format inkjet printer for outdoor use.


April 2000Merges Suwa Mutoh Industries Ltd. with MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.
July 2000Merges Mutoh Enterprises Ltd. and Mutoh Orange Cat Co., Ltd. (Changes the company name to Mutoh Enterprises Ltd)
October 2000Transfers the sales of Drafter, other products from the design machine business, and Digicolor, an optical measuring equipment, to Mutoh Engineering Inc. (Production transferred in April 2001)
June 2001Establishes Mutoh IT Ware Co., Ltd. (software development outsourcing)
February 2003Obtains ISO 9001:2000 certificate (registration no.: JVAC-QM0045)
December 2003Changes the company name of Mutoh IT Ware Co., Ltd. to Mutoh Mechatronics Co. Ltd.
November 2004Obtains ISO 14001 certificate (registration no.: JVAC-EM0086)
April 2006Merges Mutoh Techno Service Co., Ltd. and Technova Inc., and changes the company name to Mutoh Technova Co., Ltd.
January 2007Changes the company name of Mutoh Technova Co., Ltd. to MUTOH ITEX Co., Ltd.
April 2007Relocates the headquarters (from Ikejiri-Ohashi to Nishi-Gotanda).
April 2007Changes the company name to MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. And becomes a holding company (company restructuring). Establishes MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD. through a de-merger.

August 2007The multipurpose drafting machine Drafter MH-I is recognized as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage (No. 21) by the Japan Society Mechanical Engineers.

September 2007Opens the Chicago branch for Mutoh America, Inc.
January 2008Merges MUTOH ITEX Co., Ltd. and Mutoh Mechatronics Co. Ltd.(Changes the company name to MUTOH ITEX Co., Ltd.)
September 2008Acquires SE Group S.A., which has sales offices in three Scandinavian and Baltic countries.
January 2009Obtains the FSC CoC certification, which verifies the production and sales of products that take forest sustainability into consideration.

October 2000Releases DrafStation RJ-301 Series Inkjet Plotters for CAD.

March 2002Releases RJ-8000 Series Wide Format Inkjet Printers.

December 2005Releases DrafStation RJ-901C Inkjet Plotter for CAD.

May 2006Releases ValueJet 1204 Wide Format Inkjet Printer (compatible with eco-solvent ink).

August 2006Releases ValueJet 1604/2606 Wide Format Inkjet Printer (compatible with eco-solvent ink).

October 2006Releases M-Draf Suite 2007 for 2D and 3D CAD.

August 2007Releases ValueJet 1608 Wide Format Inkjet Printer (compatible with the industry’s first plant-based ink, MUBIOINK).


February 2010Mutoh America, Inc. opens Boston and Los Angeles branches.
March 2010Changes the company name of MUTOH EUROPE nv to MUTOH BELGIUM nv.
July 2010Transfers the maintenance business of Mutoh Engineering Inc to MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.
July 2010Transfers the CAD business of MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD. to Mutoh Engineering Inc.

December 2010Establishes business and capital tie-up with Sekonic Holdings Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section).

March 2011Starts introducing shareholder incentives.

April 2011Mutoh America, Inc. opens an Atlanta branch.
June 2011Changes the company name of SE Group S.A. to MUTOH North EUROPE S.A.
December 2011Establishes an integrated distribution base in Ofuna, Kanagawa Prefecture (MUTOH Yokohama Distribution Center).
December 2011Relocates the headquarters (from Nishi-Gotanda to Ikejiri-Ohashi).

January 2012Opens the MUTOH Designing gallery as a showroom at the headquarters.

June 2014Establishes Mutoh Figure World Co., Ltd. (subsidiary for 3D figure printing services)

October 2014Relocates the Kansai Office and opens a showroom in Kansai and Shikoku.

June 2015MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. becomes a company with Audit and Supervisory Committee.

September 2015Relocates the Chubu Office and opens a showroom.

August 2016Restructures overseas sales subsidiaries under MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.
October 2016Transfers and consolidates the businesses of Mutoh Engineering Inc into MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.

December 2016Relocates the Kyushu Office and opens a showroom.

October 2017Changes the share unit (from 1,000 to 100) and consolidates its shares (ratio of 10:1).
January 2018Changes the company name of MUTOH BELGIUM nv to MUTOH EUROPE nv.
March 2018Separates and transfers all businesses of Mutoh Engineering Inc (real estate leasing business) to MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
April 2018MUTOH EUROPE nv opens a UAE Dubai branch.

October 2010Releases MP Ink, a multipurpose ink (50% plant-based ingredients that can be printed on various materials).

May 2011大Releases VJ-1624J and VJ-1324J Wide Format Inkjet Printers.

October 2011Releases VJ-1638 Wide Format Inkjet Printer.

September 2012Releases ValueCut VC-600/1300/1800 Cutting Plotters.

December 2012Releases VJ-1617HJ Inkjet Printer (uses multipurpose white ink).

December 2012Releases M-Draf for Education Works for 2D and 3D CAD.

November 2013Releases VJ-1638X and VJ-1638WX Wide Format Inkjet Printers.

January 2014Releases Value 3D Magix MF-1000, a 3D desktop printer (the first 3D printer developed in-house).

April 2014Releases Value 3D Magix MF-2000, a 3D desktop printer.

April 2014Releases VC-A1000 Pattern Cutting Plotter.

April 2014Releases VJ-426UF and VJ-1626UH Wide Format Inkjet Printers that are compatible with UV ink.

June 2015Releases Value 3D Magix MF-2200, a 3D desktop printer.

March 2016Releases PG-1000, a chart drafting machine for profile grinder.

April 2016Releases VJ-1638UH UV-LED Hybrid Inkjet Printer.

October 2016Releases MF-2500EP 3D Printer that is compatible with engineering plastic.

March 2018Releases VJ-628MP Inkjet Printer that is compatible with multipurpose MP31 ink.

March 2018Releases PerformanceJet 2508UF (PJ-2508UF), a large UV-LED flatbed inkjet.

January 2019Releases MF-800 and MF-2500EPⅡ, which are 3D desktop printers.

July 2019Releases XpertJet 1682SR and XpertJet 1641SR, which are new design platform wide format inkjet printers.

September 2019Releases ML-100 and ML-80, which are high-definition stereolithography 3D printers.


January 2020Joins the defined contribution plan system.
April 2020Dissolves and liquidates Mutoh Figure World Co., Ltd. (subsidiary for 3D figure printing services)

May 2020Provides 3D-printed face shields for medical use free of charge (for Covid-19). Publishes data for printing face shields.

June 2020Abolishes the system of paying retirement bonuses to directors and introduces restricted stock units.

June 2021Installs energy supply that does not produce CO2 called Shinshu Green Denki in the Suwa Office of MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.

July 2021Relocates the Kansai Office of MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.
October 2021Relocates the Chubu Office of MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.
April 2022Selects “standard market” as the new market category.

April 2022Acquisition of AMP SPEED Co.,Ltd. shares (to make into a wholly owned subsidiary)

January 2020Releases XpertJet 461UF and XpertJet 661UF, which are new small UV-LED flatbed printers.

September 2020Obtains Japan Color Certification for VJ-628MP and VJ-1627MH proofing systems.

October 2020Releases VerteLith™, a genuine Mutoh RIP software.

September 2021Releases XpertJet 1341SR Pro Eco-Solvent Printer.

January 2022Releases XpertJet 1641SR Pro Eco-Solvent Printer.

February 2022VerteLith™, a genuine Mutoh RIP software, wins Europe's EDP Award 2021.