MUTOH Showroom

MUTOH Showroom

MUTOH Designing Gallery

MUTOH Group Showroom

See, touch and experience the MUTOH brand at MUTOH Designing Gallery.

The gallery embodies the Group’s principles, and expresses its commitment to keep in constant tune with needs for designing (planning) new products and solutions, and to continue introducing (providing) products that benefit people who engage in designing and planning. It also expresses the Group’s aspirations to design (propose) new businesses (business models) and global environments, not to mention its spirit of manufacturing.

In addition to showcasing the latest products and a wrapped car, the gallery introduces the history of the MUTOH Group, provides product demonstrations, and offers a business meeting space.

MUTOH GROUP Showroom Floor Map
  • MUTOH Showroom
  • Showroom Gallery
  • Meeting Space
  • Entrance Gallery
  • Open Air

Entrance Gallery

The entrance to the gallery welcomes visitors with two symbolic displays (a large MUTOH Sign Wall and a wrapped car) that catch the attention of passing pedestrians and drivers.
Entrance Gallery Image
The wrapped car is an eye-catching display dominating the front of the entrance, featuring a wrapping film printed using the ValueJet inkjet printer that is MUTOH’s core product.
To impress upon visitors the interconnection between the wrapped car and its relevant technology, the VJ-1638 and the same output sample of the wrapping film are also displayed to the rear of the entrance space.
Entrance Gallery Image
The design of the wrapping was chosen for its lofty and cosmopolitan image.
It displays both the playful spirit that is needed in design planning and production flexibility.
Entrance Gallery Image
Click here to see a video of the car wrapping process.
The MUTOH Sign Wall is an impressive, brightly shining display. Its bright illumination is produced by the incorporation of numerous Cool Light next-generation LED bar lights that have been developed independently by MUTOH.
Cool Light has an Ra value of more than 90, where Ra indicates the quality of color reproduction by a light source.
Its natural color expression, high brightness and high efficiency, small size and weight, and variable lengths help accentuate even the smallest design detail.
Moreover, it saves energy by as much as 42.5% compared to conventional fluorescent lamps. (Power consumption: MUTOH in-house comparison)
Entrance Gallery Image
On the other side of the MUTOH Sign Wall is a display of MUTOH’s Finoa series of color tapings “JFL National Team Version” and other sports products that have supported sports enthusiasts, from individuals to professional teams, over many years.
Entrance Gallery Image
Further behind the MUTOH Sign Wall, a line-up of large-scale inkjet printers that represent MUTOH is displayed in order of their output widths, ranging from 1300mm to 2600mm.
Entrance Gallery Image

History Gallery

History Gallery Image
Here, the MUTOH History Panel presents MUTOH’s history from its establishment in 1952 to the present, and instills in visitors a sense of expectation for the future and for MUTOH’s future role.

The entire space is a gallery of the history of manufacturing support that MUTOH has led as a pioneer in drafting and design and products borne from the concept, “every object that has form can be rendered graphically.” Exhibits range from the first drafter (designated a mechanical engineering heritage) to pen plotters, CAD equipment, and inkjet plotters, as well as LED and Digicollar products (optical measuring instruments).

Meeting Space

The meeting space is spacious and quiet, and is ideal for holding detailed business meetings in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

On the wall surface, beautiful seasonal scenery was output to a powerful large size by MUTOH large-size ink-jet printer.
Meeting Space Image
Meeting Space Image

Demonstration Space

Demonstration Space Image
The demonstration space allows visitors to see, touch and experience MUTOH products, and to discuss business while confirming actual printing processes and samples.

On display are the latest in the VJ (Value Jet) series of large ink-jet printers, which MUTOH has continuously renewed and upgraded as a pioneer in the industry.
Demonstration Space Image
Demonstration Space Image
 HP 3D Printer 「HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution」
Demonstration Space Image

◎ Products that are on display in the MUTOH Showroom (As of Jun, 2019)

Large-format inkjet printer
・VJ-1324X(54-inch, eco solvent ink)
・VJ-1638X(64-inch, eco solvent ink)
・VJ-628(24-inch, eco solvent ink)
・VJ-426UF(desktop, UV ink)
・VJ-626UF(desktop, UV ink)
・VJ-1638UR(64-inch, UV ink)
・VJ-1638UH(64-inch, UV ink)
・VJ-1627MH(64-inch, MP ink)
・VJ-628(24-inch, MP ink)
・VJ-405GT(Garment・Inkjet printer)
・VJ-1948WX(1900mm, Water-based Inkjet Printer)
・VJ-1938TX(1900mm, Direct-to-Textile Printer)

Cutting plotter
・VC-600(Max. Cutting Width 24-inch)

CAD inkjet plotter
・RJ-901X(A1 size)

3D printer
 3D SYSTEMS 3D printer
 ・ProJet® MJP 3600(Professional 3D Printer, Real Parts & Functional Prototypes)
 ・ProJet® MJP 2500(Professional 3D Printer, Real Parts & Functional Prototypes)
 ・ProJet® 460Plus(Professional 3D Printer, Fast, Full Color Models)
 ・ProJet® 660Pro(Professional 3D Printer, Fast, Full Color Models)
 HP 3D printer
 ・HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200
 MUTOH 3D printer
 ・MF-800(Desktop 3D Printer, Fused Filament Fabrication)
 ・MF-2200D(Desktop 3D Printer, Fused Filament Fabrication)
 ・MF-2500EPII(Desktop 3D Printer, Fused Filament Fabrication)
 ・ML-200(Professional 3D Printer, Digital Light Processing)

3D scanning
・MUTOH 3D PhotoScan System MS-2000N/PX (3D scanner for whole body photography)

※If you wish to also see other products, please inquire in advance.
MUTOH Designing Gallery


OPEN 9:00
CLOSE 17:00
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday

Access Map
3-1-3, Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8560
TEL :03-6758-7100
Tokyu Denentoshi Line Ikejiri-Ohashi Station
0-minute walk from the west exit

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