Consolidated Financial Highlights

FY2019 (71th) 1st Half period

  • Net sales

    Consolidated net sales
  • Operating income(loss)

    Consolidated operating income
  • Ordinary income(loss)

    Consolidated ordinary income
  • Profit(loss) attributable to owners of parent

    Consolidated profit attributable to owners of parent
  • Basic Earnings per Share

    Consolidated Basic Earnings per Share
  • Total Asstes

    Consolidated Total Asstes
  • Total assets

    Consolidated gross assets
  • Total net assets

    Consolidated net assets

Forecast of FY2019 (71th)

Forecast of Consolidated Business Results (Millions of Yen)

Net sales
Operating Income(loss)
Ordinary Income(loss)
Profit Attributable to
Owners of Parent

Figures announced on February 13, 2020.

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